The (Honest) Truth About Following Your Dreams I Hear Nobody Talking About

The truth most people don’t want to admit about following your dream.

Crystal Mathews


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It’s easier said than done. It sounds like a cliché that I’m sure we’ve all heard before, but there is nothing truer. To succeed at anything, you must work hard.

You can’t just say you want to make it big and expect the process to be easy. No matter how much we try telling ourselves that this will be an easy journey, the truth is, it never ends up being what we expected.

Believe in your dreams, no matter how impossible they seem.

Walt Disney

There are many people out there who believe in following their dreams and making them happen, but they fail to realize that from the beginning it was impossible for them because it was something they never wanted in the first place.

Don’t fall into this trap of thinking your dream is an easy one because if you do, you’re going to get a rude awakening when reality bites back. Here are the honest truths about following your dreams I see nobody talking about.

You will have to fail to succeed

Failure is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean you should let it define you. Failure can be a great learning experience. Let’s say, for example, that you have a friend who has always wanted to start his own business.

“You always pass failure on your way to success.”

- Mickey Rooney

If he has the guts to take risks and do something like this, then he will inevitably fail at least once before succeeding. If he continues to get up after every failure, he’ll surely be successful in the end because success is just a matter of perseverance.

But if your dream isn’t so much about succeeding as much as it’s about being happy with what you’re doing and making yourself proud, then keep in mind that it may not happen for you. Just because someone else successfully does something doesn’t mean that it’s going to happen for you too.

You will have to be…



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