3 Reasons Why Women Shop Like Santa and Men Shop Like The Grinch

It has long been argued that men and women shop a lot differently, yet how are they distinctive?

Crystal Mathews
3 min readFeb 9, 2022


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The first significant distinction is that many women eagerly anticipate vacation shopping, 60%, while just 42% of guys do.

Nevertheless, this does not indicate ladies are the only ones purchasing. Likewise, females connect even more to Santa Claus than men, while guys associate more with the Grinch.

Everyone hates lengthy lines at the mall; however, guys seem to be transforming even more towards online buying to minimize the problem.

Surprisingly enough, while women will do even more purchasing online, men will be investing even more cash.

Guy invest approximately $326 online, while females will invest $284, a distinction of 15%.

Men likewise plan to invest $592 this holiday season, with women just investing $547.

Males are also most likely to buy big-ticket things when contrasted to females, not just for presents but also for personal use.

There are also other differences in what each sex is acquiring on the internet and in the shops.

Guys buy even more consumer electronic devices, 27%, compared to women at 19%.

So, it is primarily guys acquiring gadgets like digital cams, computer games, or cameras. However, ladies are more likely to achieve garments than males, 77% to 70%, and books, 49% to 36%.

While guys acquiring customer electronic devices was possibly no surprise, ladies getting even more decorations is maybe nor, 34% of females contrasted to only 18% of males.

Women are doing a little bit even more decorating than men.

Women typically obtain a dive beginning on holiday buying, while men usually wait until December. Just 19% of ladies wait until December to shop, compared to 32 % of men.

Sixty-five percent of ladies usually prepare to begin vacation purchasing before Thanksgiving, while just 49% of guys do.



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